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Keeping Career Change Plans Private

By: Maggie Lonsdale BA (hons) - Updated: 4 Sep 2012 | comments*Discuss
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Just because changing career is an exciting time in your life, and probably one that you want to share with as many people as possible, it doesn’t mean that you should shout your plans from the rooftops before they’re confirmed.

It may be tempting to ask your boss’s advice, or tell them how you can’t wait to leave because you’ve always Hated Your Job… but really, blurting out the fact that you’re leaving to do something far more interesting will not win you any fans, and it may even jeopardise your career change.

Don’t Ask For Advice!

Inevitably, thinking about your career change and making all the necessary plans can take up a large part of your mind, but in order make your new career as likely to succeed as possible, you need to treat it with kid gloves. By telling people who will have their own take on what you should be doing (and that can be family and friends as well as colleagues), you leave yourself open to their thoughts and judgements. A trusted person is very helpful at this time, but unless you really need their opinion as you literally have no one else to talk to, stick with a Mentor, a business advisor, your dad or anyone else instead of your boss or colleague.

Think of it like telling people the name you are planning to use for your unborn baby – if you wait until the child is born, they’re far less likely to make a negative comment than if you just say it when you’re pregnant.

Being indiscrete about your new career change plans sets yourself up for a fall, from a variety of possible directions. It may be that your boss is aware of the new company you are going to work for, or that your colleague thinks they may get your job when you leave – there are unlimited reasons why people will have their view on what you are planning. Equally, if people in the workplace know that you are planning to leave, it is certainly possible that you are contravening your employment contract, which could impact on your notice period, references or even get you the sack for misconduct.

There is always someone else you can speak to for advice, or share a secret with, so there is no need to entrust what could be one of the most important changes you will ever make in your life to someone that could have a negative impact on your plans.

If You Get Found Out

If you do happen to blurt out something you shouldn’t about your plans for a career change to your boss, a colleague or even a friend that you know could make things a little tricky, it’s best to come clean straight away. Regardless of whether it happened at work drinks on a Friday night or because a lunchtime phone call was overheard, quickly say that you need to be able to trust them to keep a secret. Don’t just cross your fingers and hope nothing will happen, as it could make your career change plans more difficult. Everyone loves being trusted, so play on that and ask them to support you rather than make the situation difficult.

Avoid the Career Change Mistakes

When you are making a career change it's vital that you do your research first and don't allow the wrong motives to influence you. Read about the most Common Mistakes People Make When Considering A Career Change so you won't!

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