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Signs That Show You Need a Career Change

By: Maggie Lonsdale BA (hons) - Updated: 4 Sep 2012 | comments*Discuss
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Many people have a favourite daydream of starting their own business or changing career and it simply stays a pleasant way to pass the time, but for others, changing career is practically a necessity.

But how do you know when your current job has gone beyond simply not being very interesting and is now a weight that’s dragging you down? Look at the following five key signs that show you need to make a break from your current job and get ready to take the leap of faith that is a career change.

1. Not Looking After Yourself

If you find yourself not being able to get to sleep, or wanting to sleep too much, it’s a clear sign that you’re bothered about something. Of course, that could be something else in your life that needs dealing with, such as a difficult relationship or money worries, but when this is compounded by the other key signs, it’s not to be ignored.

Not looking after yourself also manifests itself in what you eat and how often you exercise. If you start to feel as though you simply cannot be bothered to take care of yourself and do not have any other issues as suggested above, your current job may be the problem.

2. Dreading Monday Morning

We can all have a little bit of the blues sometimes when we've had a lovely weekend and Mondays come around too quickly, but if you often have that heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach on a Sunday night, it may be a sign that you need to change career. It can be that the thought of seeing a particular colleague or completing a certain task is the issue, but the feeling should not be happening too often.

3. Feeling Low

A general feeling of ‘not being yourself’ is often the hardest sign to spot, especially as we all have issues in our lives that could be better. It is sadly all too easy to get used to feeling a bit low, and that can become your 'new normal', but it is amazing how much more energy and positivity you have when you are in a job that makes your heart sing.

4. Being Less Effective at Work

When you start being less effective at work it’s almost as though you want to be sacked! For some people, the passive aggressive option of just not being very good at their job is a way of someone else taking the decision for you. Now, it doesn’t take a Recruitment Expert to point out that this is not the best way for your career to progress, so rather than get sacked and have a rubbish Reference to show for it, be aware of the signs that you need to change your career and get proactive!

5. Losing Interest in your Industry

Although the above signs can be primarily because you need a new company/job rather than a career change, if you’re also finding yourself losing interest in your industry, it’s more likely that you need a complete career change. Most people’s ears prick up when something happens in their industry, whether it’s gossip, trends or some other change, but if you’re not longer interested in what affects your job, this is an important sign that you need to change career – and fast.

Career or Company Change?

If you've been thinking about a change for a long time, or if you have a particular new career in mind, it's likely that you just need to change your employer. For more guidance, read our article Do You Need A Career Change Or A Company Change?

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I am currently working as a Careers Advisor, I need to change my profession due to the job market and childcare; I am fed up of being a Careers Advisor. I would love to do something different.
Charm - 24-Nov-11 @ 10:14 AM
Hello! I am 30 years old. I´ve got a degree in Social Communications(Marketing, PR and Advertising), but no experinece in field. I have been working in hospitality Industry whilst living England and as a Receptionist, Secretary and Administrative whist in Portugal (Hospitality is not well paid in Portugal). I´m tempted to move back to England but didn´t want to be working as waitress anymore (I am a mother and want to dedicate time to my daughter). I find that i´m good with people and feel rewarded when i´m helping others. I´ve also gainned a lot of organisational skills, which might be transferable to other careers. I´m feeling confused at the moment and I think that i could use some career advice. Can anyone help? Thank you very much. Marisa
Marisa - 23-Sep-11 @ 11:18 AM
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