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Wioletta said:
Saturday, 28 Jan 2017
I find this website very useful and because I want to start own business I would like to find some more information about be freelancer
Maureen said:
Monday, 16 Jan 2017
I would like support and guardians in my career Chang for a chef to real estate agent.Thanks.
Shikha said:
Sunday, 21 Jun 2015
Gousya begum said:
Wednesday, 4 Feb 2015
Helo I'm gousya and I'm studying tenth class I wanted to know how to become an air hostess and which group in inter I have to choose please inform me thank you
Nicola said:
Friday, 23 Jan 2015
Iam looking into traing in to being a carer and wonderd if you had any information about this subject thank you
Claudia said:
Friday, 5 Sep 2014
Hi, I would like to work into nursing care, what is 'the short cut way' for me as I also have to look after my 16 months old daughter. Just to say that I have 5 years of social care practice oversee. Thank you. Woukd appreciate your input. Claudia.
Neil said:
Tuesday, 30 Oct 2012
Would like to work with the outdoors and national trust your help would be very welcome. thanks
David said:
Wednesday, 8 Feb 2012
I am seeking career change so this site seems a very good idea. Please send me the regular newsletter. Thank you. David.
Meylis said:
Wednesday, 23 Feb 2011
I want to be a pilot.I was dreming to become a pilotman!and I love the uniform:)I think pilot career is good I mean enjoyable you can visit a lot of country different people.
Faheed said:
Sunday, 2 Jan 2011
Thank you for that it is very helpful I got what I was looking for.
Ron said:
Saturday, 16 Oct 2010
I would like to know what I would have to do to become an estate agent . I would also like any Information on any job or career change thank you very much.
Carole said:
Friday, 13 Aug 2010
Great site, this will held to fill dreamd. Great way to go.
Rachael said:
Thursday, 29 Apr 2010
I am so pleased I came across this site - I have only had a quick look but it is interesting to read other people's stories together with info on possible careers - some I never thought of - thanks
Rebecca said:
Wednesday, 3 Mar 2010
Looking forward to the knowledge and sharing experience
Rob said:
Monday, 8 Feb 2010
Good informative site
Charlotte said:
Thursday, 28 Jan 2010
I am thinking of a career change into social work and have no idea what qualifications/experience I need. I feel this site will help me a lot. Thanks
Clare said:
Tuesday, 9 Jun 2009
Excellent website!!!!!
Marina said:
Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009
To whom it may concern, Kindly forward me your newsletters, I will be glad to read them. many thanks. Kind regards
Sally said:
Tuesday, 27 Jan 2009
Hi, im looking into changing my career to becoming a social worker, ive seen a few comments on a few of your pages about doing the training while doing a NVQ, which would be best for me, can you help into where I can get mone info on this, many thanks sally
Jack said:
Sunday, 18 Jan 2009
Hi, am really like to change my career if possible because my current service is enough for me. Being in another field sometimes expose.
Debra said:
Tuesday, 8 Jul 2008
I am interested in nursing. please send me an issue on that field. thank you
Ladidi said:
Thursday, 12 Jun 2008
I will be delighted to receive your mail on career change constantly. Thanks.
Emmanuel said:
Thursday, 12 Jun 2008
I am seriously interested in changing my career to that of a Stock Brocker please and will appreciate whatever assistance in this regards. Thanks.